RIPSAW, established in 2007. This powerful quartet always stayed true to their roots. Mixingthe fast thrashy riffs with their grooving party vibes. Never lost their old school favorites out of sight and keep getting inspiration from the classic headbangers like Pantera, Slayer, SacredReich or Biohazard.


After gigging from tons of local club and festival shows to Wacken open air (2008) Ripsaw

continues to write new music and blasting the old stuff with the same energy as ever. With therecent line up original 2007 guitarist Ruud is added with Roel as the 6-string shredders dualand the original rhythm section with the usuals fast drumfills and basslines, lead singer/ bassist ‘Rovers’ and drummer AL. RIPSAW is ready to rumble.


The latest release “15 skullbashing years” supported by the music video of “in Bloom” (dec.

2022), is a celebration of the crazy times they spend together and they still love that! The new stuff will not be extremely different. They hold on to their vibe, heavy riffs and the fastrecognizable screaming vocals about the crazyness of this wicked world we live in.