Within six years of their inception Germany’s Mantar were scoring Top 10 albums in their native country, with 2018’s The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze hitting #7 on the chart. Moreover, filling1000+ cap German venues, embarking on several tours all over Europe alongside playing all the major European festivals, touring the US – and playing the California and Maryland DeathfestsalongsideJapan, Mexico, and South Africa, the duo have been steadily building momentum, and this carriesthem into their latest full-length, Pain Is Forever and This is The End.


Having racked up a lot of time on the road prior to the Covid lockdown, they shared stages with thelikes of Kadavar and Skeletonwitch. Asked what makes them relevant in 2023, Hanno answers plainly: “Being a band that is unafraid to not hide behind the safe haven of a functioning ‘scene’ and genre traditions.Furthermore, he addsThere were times where I literally wanted to destroy all my musicand myself with it while making this record, and I destroyed a lot of equipment making it. Maybe itwas all worth something. We are still here, and that really does mean something after that ride.”